Zmei3 Concert

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This Saturday we will welcome the band Zmei3 to our courtyard, for the launch of their debut album, Rough Romanian Soul. It’s going to be an extra special night for us, as the lead singer of the band is our very own Michelberger, Paula. She is a classically trained opera singer who has returned to her Romanian roots with Zmei3. She also works in our bar, and you can read a piece we wrote earlier about her musical journey here.

The title of the album reflects the new style of sound that Zmei3 have created. An ode to Romanian music, entrenched with a deep history of regional blues and soul, set alight by Paula’s powerhouse voice! The album was recorded late last summer, live and outdoors in the Transylvanian mountains. Grammy award winner Ian Brennan produced it, and it was released on Six Degrees Records from San Francisco in April. Since then the album has been a hit in world music circles, and the concert on Saturday will be to celebrate the German release of it.

The video below will give you a taste of the rousing performance we can anticipate!  Show starts at 9pm, free entry.