Woodkid Berlin 11.11.13

Around Town Events

“I’d never even heard of Woodkid, let alone experienced the music, but sometimes that just happens. Something very beautiful grows and somehow it’s just beyond the invisible dotted line surrounding your kingdom. So how wonderful to find myself in the Tempodom (not Velodrom – don’t ever make that mistake when running a little late for a performance!) completely knocked over by sound and visuals.

Not only was there the absolute vastness and victory of the orchestrated music he created for the show and his beautiful emotive voice on a par with Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons; Yoann Lemoine also brought his visuals straight from the heavens of Asgard, from depths of oceans and smoke, and a ballet of lights that sought out faces in the ecstatic crowd, warming them one by one like tiny suns.

Woodkid was BREATHTAKING live. I could talk about it for pages, and will remember it always.

A massive “Merci!” to Woodkid and the Babelsberg Film Orchestra for the gift of that evening.”

Woodkid in Berlin