Welcome to the real Grüne Woche

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This weekend the city is celebrating its first Stadt Land Food Festival!

The founders of Markthalle IX in Kreuzberg take the streets. Here is what they say:

“Good food is a feast. Good food needs a festival. From October 2–5, 2014 Stadt Land Food takes the celebration of food out of the Markthalle and onto the streets with a four day packed program of markets, workshops, congresses, street food and more. Bringing the countryside into the city – farmers and manufacturers are invited to present their craft, history and practice in our neighborhood. Sausages will be produced, liquor distilled, and sourdough kneaded. Films will be screened, performances staged and agri-politics will be discussed. It’s time to determine the future of our lifestyle and food choices… it’s time to celebrate the feast! ”

We are looking forward to meeting interesting people and tasting amazing food. Our coconut water will join in as well as Nadine, Azar, and Tom will do a little talk at the freshly created Food Entrepreneurs Club.

Welcome to the real Grüne Woche!