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You’ve probably heard about the food revolution that’s been taking place in Denmark in the last few years and that Copenhagen is the place to find some of the most original and creative food being served anywhere right now.

This Tuesday (17 June), we’re delighted to welcome Lasse Askov and Bo Lindegaard, of I’m A KOMBO, who have been right at the centre of this Danish food renaissance, to the hotel to cook for us.

We got to know Lasse and Bo through the Fountain of Youth which they serve from their shop/kitchen/lab space in Copenhagen. And now it’s their turn to come to Berlin.

It’s quite hard to describe their approach in words. Their food is food that makes you think about food; what it means and how it makes you feel and how you feel about the others around you while you eat. It’s experimental, social, interactive, imaginative, visual, interesting, challenging, scientific, of superlative quality… but more important than any of that, it tastes great!

But rather than words, it’s probably best to just watch this video:

Their night will be divided into 4 experiences: A vertical buffet / Snobrød / Punch bowl / Dessert bar. The happening starts at 19h and finishes at 23h. To book your place, email reservations@michelbergerhotel.com or call us on (+49) 30 297 78590