The Havels

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Irena and Vojtech Havlovi were with us in Berlin last autumn for Michelberger Music. These gentle and sensitive musicians will be back at the hotel next week and will perform in our lobby on Friday 30 June.

Working together as The Havels, this couple say very few words, but communicate expressively through their music. Bryce Dessner said this about them:

In the late 1980’s my sister Jessica heard two Czech musicians, Irena and Vojtech Havel, play in the street in Copenhagen. She bought their only remaining LP and brought it home and that is how I was introduced to the strange and lovely music of the Havels. That record, Little Blue Nothing, was very influential for me as I started to compose music. Their haunting, intertwining, minimalist patterns, played seamlessly on the violla de gamba, are equally inspired by their background as early practitioners and in the folk music of their native country.”

(Here is a film from Micheberger Music of The Havels performing together with Bryce)

Watching them, you can see that the most powerful thing about The Havels is the relationship between the two of them as they orbit around a central point. We can’t wait to see them perform together again! From 8pm, feel warmly invited.