The Havels & Claudio Donzelli Concert

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Join us on 29th October as we gather around the piano for a cosy afternoon of beautiful music in our lobby. 

The Havels – Irena and Vojtech Havlovi – will be in town from Prague and will open the show. We first met these gentle and sensitive musicians last year when they joined us for Michelberger Music. We were treated to an intimate performance again in the summer just gone at the hotel, in awe as we watched them perform so intuitively together. Their haunting, intertwining, minimalist patterns are rendered using piano, cello, viola da gamba and their voices. 

Following on from the The Havels will be Claudio Donzelli. Claudio has also performed at the hotel before – first in 2013 with his band Mighty Oaks, and then again last year for our 24 hours of piano. Introduced to the instrument at the age of six, Claudio says he rediscovered his love for the piano during the writing of the second album for Mighty Oaks. His performance with us for Piano Day was his solo debut and propelled him into the recording of his first album, Frammenti, which was released at the end of September. The album is a collection of piano pieces which Claudio describes as “the score of an imaginary movie”. Others have said his music is dreamy, romantic, cinematic and hypnotic, and his style has been compared to the likes of Chilly Gonzales and Steve Reich. 

From 4pm with Sunday sounds from our resident Daniel before and after. And naturally the bar cafe will be open all day for your coffee, cake and hot toddy needs. Arrive early to get a spot on the sofas!