Thank you for being there with us

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ALL OF YOU people, made this possible.

A musical togetherness of artist friends interacting, exchanging in full creative freedom, truly open to each other. Not having to fulfil any roles or deliver what people expect from them. Free of commercial interest, brands or music business.

Doing something just for this moment. No matter what. No matter what people write about it, no matter what people say about it. Just giving all that we got into this musical experiment. Those moments will be forever yours.

On Friday morning all curators sat down for breakfast in an attempt to bring all this creative eruption onto something like a grid for the weekend. Before Friday morning it seemed almost impossible, to bring together everything into one schedule, with 7 stages, most running at the same time, with a constant changing mix of different musicians.

In the end, it was at 3am on Saturday morning that Mary made the impossible possible. Everyone still sitting, working in our courtyard, when we were able to hand over the performance schedule for Saturday. With it, they knew where they had to be at any point in time and the production team knew what needs to happen, quickly. From allocating the correct wrist bands to making sure the equipment gets onto the right stages.

A musical marathon for all artists involved, a new born family of musicians from all over the world, showing their most open faces and hearts, as raw and passionate as they felt. Those fragile moments, the creative vulnerability… artists, letting go of their fears and worry. Overcoming what they think they are. And discovering something –
and we wanted to share.


And it did not come easy.
You had to wait in lines..
Looking back these lines were a bit like a filter though. Filtering those who were looking for something they could not find. (That does not apply for the food lines, sorry for those time :)) This was not a fast food style music consumption: showing up for a couple of hours and running after big names. This didn’t work. You all needed to invest.

We wanted to bring full life to the entire Funkhaus for the first time in almost 30 years. To integrate the roughness of the Saal PEOPLE and the fine musical studio masterpieces. For that we saw a crowd. This was not meant to be a family affair of lucky ones. Neither a festival or concert or an event to visit. This was a communal experience. An experiment of what music can do to you if it goes beyond names and expectations. Music is not a product, that can be consumed by pressing a play button on a machine, whenever you feel like it. Music is human. Especially while it is being created. You’ve seen it.

We learn, we grow and the journey that ended on Sunday night was life altering for every one of us involved. It gave us hope and a shared vision. Whatever happened in those 7 days will carry way beyond with every single one of us. And we are grateful, that you took this journey with us. That you digged in, that you overcame temporary frustration, that you accepted the unknown and remained in the moment.

We have reached a point in time when so many of the systems that surround us and structures of our lives are outdated: government, sport, food production, business, healthcare, religion, environmental management… on and on. This was a small update. A simple answer by PEOPLE. Groups of caring people coming together, doing together, creating together, building new things from the ground up the way they want them to be: Free, loving and borderless.

The faces we have seen will remain with us. Full of joy, curiosity, and acceptance. And trust. It was like we all jumped into a wild water rapid, and we all floated along.

Where does it go from here? Let’s see. We will keep showing up.

Love from us.



high high darlings

Sitting in a coffee in Berlin. .
“it might be over soon” is playing
and my heart is exploding.
I´m emerged in the echo of our epic symphonic resonance
a new experience of love that is
only an overflow finding other streams
and reaching new highs

I could´t get on the plane, , lost my passport, looked at the time ticking
than followed what i learned during this week
to choose YES , , and that is how i will live my life from now on
thank you for sharing this magic ride
i feel my universe has expanded drastically

deepest experience of many abyssal ones, was “one on one”

which ended with these words. . .

“embroidering eternity,
into each breath i take
linger on with a moment gone
glad it took place”

love *ð