Vincent Moon

This Sunday (23rd Feb), we’re very happy to welcome Vincent Moon to the hotel for a screening of some of his work. He’ll be showing a film from his short film series ‘From ATP’. These are a collection of six short films shot over four years at the UK music festival All Tomorrow’s Parties and they present a fan’s eye view from one of the most unique and uncompromising music events ()


Es ist wieder so weit.. Nennt es Zeitvertreib, Passion, oder einfach nur Bastelstunde. Wir bauen Globus-Pendelleuchten! Eine neue DIY Idee zum Nachmachen aus dem Hause Michelberger.

Michelberger ATLAS

After asking all colleagues and friends for their favourite places in Berlin, here it is: The Michelberger Map. We’ve got one for bars, restaurants, clubs and cafés and there’s another one with our favourite shopping and culture tips. They cost one euro and they are sold at the reception.

Out and about…

Here are some of the lovely publications you can see some of our work in over the last month. Zoo Magazine, D&AD 2010 and Dear John.

Die Werkstatt macht Weihnachtsgeschenke

Desweiteren im Programm:”Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all.” und “I don’t want to wake you up, but I really want to show you something”

Michelberger Money!

We’re very happy to announce we now take payment in Michelbergers!


We did some nice hand drawn typography today, probably for a t-shirt.