It’s time
to hybridize

Our friend and fellow funkhaus comrade Vincent Moon has just finished a very special project together with his wife Priscilla Telmon. For the past three years they have immersed themselves in an experimental-ethnographic study of current day spiritual cults in Brazil. They will soon begin presenting their incredible work around the world, and we’re delighted that one of their stops along the way this summer will be here at the hotel. Here’s some further information ()

Black Magic Baby Jesus –
Exhibition & Performance by Ramin Krause

We met Ramin when he was here for Michelberger Music, alongside Vincent Moon and his crew of filmmakers. A couple of weeks ago Ramin told us about a special project he has been working on… One year ago I sailed on a sail boat around the South Pacific and when our boat broke, I was stranded on a small Island. I ended up staying for 6 months, living in villages ()

Michelberger Music People – Vincent Moon & some of
his favourite musicians

We’ve been watching and listening to Vincent Moon’s work for a long time. Vincent is an independent filmmaker, originally from France. He first became known for his innovative way of filming bands in the Take Away Shows project. After that he spent five years travelling the world, exploring the music rituals of the people he met for his Petites Planètes series. (If you’re staying with us, you can see some ()

Moon Live!

Vincent is in town to participate in the CTM Festival which this year is on the theme ‘New Geographies’. So this Friday we’re delighted to welcome him back to the hotel for a spontaneous live performance in the lobby. For those that don’t know Vincent Moon, well, he’s a true one-off. An independent film maker, originally from France, he first became known for his revolutionary way of filming bands with his Blogotheque ‘Take Away’ ()

Vincent Moon

We’re big fans of Mr. Vincent Moon. But not only that, we think the work that he does and the films he makes are so very important. They document music rituals from around the world; primal human experiences which are becoming increasingly rare in our so-called ‘advancing’ civilisation. So to do our little bit to get these films in front of people we set up a Vincent Moon Channel on our ()

Vincent Moon reminded
us why we choose to be here.

From a conversation following the screening, sometime during the night: “….knowing exactly how it feels floating through Berlin’s summer-airy streets, wondering about that new bar someone you know runs… …glancing at people, drinking coffee while discussing death and life, careless.. drifting and pondering what to do next.. another white wine on this improvised winebox and pallet terrace in mitte… allowing the day to pass like it is… A friend you ()

Vincent Moon

This Sunday (23rd Feb), we’re very happy to welcome Vincent Moon to the hotel for a screening of some of his work. He’ll be showing a film from his short film series ‘From ATP’. These are a collection of six short films shot over four years at the UK music festival All Tomorrow’s Parties and they present a fan’s eye view from one of the most unique and uncompromising music events ()