Day & Night

We have some new hotel t-shirts! Black on black and white on white! Pick them up from the lobby.      

Biggie Bags

Just stranded in the lobby! They’re 100% cotton, water-repellent, with a copper screenprint and sewn together locally. Size: ca. 68x 40x 20cm, cotton lining, zipper and small inside pocket. Colours: copper on black/copper on natural white. 95 EUR

Booze Voodoo
Tee Shirt

We call it the Booze Voodoo shirt. It’s sewn together locally, printed in Germany and made from 100% organic cotton. 65 EUR from the lobby.

Ninjas in
the Hallway…

We welcome our new Housekeeping Team! Usually an outsourced service, the time was right to take the team fully into the family. Our team has 20 new colleagues that embrace the responsibility and joy of being in such close contact with our guests. The one and only marketing we do, starts and ends with every single colleague. That is what we train together for. Always. The more happy and caring ()

Our New

We’ve just completed a renovation of our hallways. The most important part of that was the design and installation of a new lighting system to replace the old wall-mounted light boxes. We wanted to go for some variations on the classic glass globe lamp and the only way to do it how we wanted was to find a glass blower and have them made to our specifications. Our research lead us to ()

Our first

Our first clothes have arrived! For men, a shirt made from organic linen. And for women, a blouse made from silk, along with matching trousers. They’re sewn together just outside Berlin and printed in Germany. You can find them at the hotel… Thank you Elena & Jacopo for being so beautiful and thank you Jan Lucas for the photos!

Makes Clothes

Recently it became uncomfortable for us to be ordering our hotel t-shirts from a third-party supplier that we don’t really know. Then we said, “why not make our own ones and dig a little deeper”? So in the summer Julia Knüpfer joined our studio. Julia is an prize-winning fashion designer from Berlin whose focus on high-quality, timeless tailoring with an ethical twist matched our wish for the same. To those two ()

Enlightenment Co.

We’ve started an Enlightenment Company! As we’ve building so many lights recently, we thought, why not make it official? The first project is a geometric pendent light designed by Klaudia B. Lewandowski. They’re laser cut from balsa wood and held together with tape. Some panels are coloured, some not, and the lights are highly tactile and give off a warm and friendly glow. The slits in the side project delicate ()

Now Page:
The Content Strikes Back!

Since we are still waiting for the first open source social media product (wish to develop it ourselves, but way too much work ), we decided to shorten the wait by creating a /now page. Here’s the first result, simple, work in progress, but we thought worth sharing. In case more of you out there kind of share the same feelings about the FB, Twitter and all the other ()