Bamboozle’s BBQ Jam
today 3pm

Talking about sausages with Eli from Soul Clap. How hot do you like your sausages? As hot as possible, I like my taste buds on fire. If it gets too hot a little mustard can cool it right down. What do you cook to impress ? The center piece of a good BBQ is always ribs. Nicely marinated steaks are cool, but juicy, fall off the bone ribs always make ()

Girls in the front. Boys at the back! // Sunday 3 pm

What the Fuck is Slow House ? (Die Arte- Doku ) “Slow House grooved gemächlich” findet der freundliche Arte Redakteur von Welt. Wir erinnern uns an einen unserer besten Betriebsausflüge im letzten Jahr und freuen uns, dass uns die “Nachdenklichen Philosophen” und “Aufgekratzten Teenager” am Sonntag besuchen. Dorade, Schweinebauch und Rindersteak auf dem Grill – Wölfe und Lämmer auf dem Plattenteller. Bei hoffentlich Bombenwetter zu einer ordentlichen Bamboozle’s BBQ Jam. ()

Spätzle and sausage with Gary Goldstein.

Gary Goldstein (70), Physicist, Father of Eli Goldstein (Soulclap)   Did you like the party yesterday? Yes, a lot, we went to bed around midnight but I realized the party was going on quite late. Oh, so you couldn’t sleep because it was too loud? I don’t like to sleep a lot. That’s what Eli and I have in common. Actually I am used to loud music. Eli and Charlie ()

Lucky Paul Release . Soul Clap. Wolf & Lamb // tonight from 7 pm

Wir feiern heute abend in der Lobby. Eintritt frei. *ft : Lucky Paul (live) + A Very Special Secret Guest (somethinksounds) + Julian Dyne ft Parks (live) (BBE) *DJ’s:  Gadi Mizrahi / Baby Prince (Wolf + Lamb) + Eli Gold (Soulclap) + Kazim Kazim Kazim (somethinksounds)