Piano Day –
Thank you!

To all the artists, guests and staff that made our 24 hour Piano Day concert so special, we thank you. We’ve just received the video our friend Stephan from Hauskonzerte made, and it was worth the wait. Here it is, as well as some photos we took.  

Piano Day:
24 hours Piano

On the 28th of March it’s Piano Day. It was created by our friend Nils Frahm and the first one was last year so it’s a relatively new event but one that’s gaining momentum. Piano Day is a worldwide celebration and different from usual concerts and events in that it welcomes anyone who wants to take part. On this day every kind of piano lover – young and old, amateur and pro, of any musical direction ()

Nils Frahm
Piano Presentation

For the second leg of our Tiki Taka Warm Up, we’re delighted to welcome Nils Frahm back to the hotel for a very special performance! In collaboration with the renowned German piano maker, David Klavins, Nils has created his very own bespoke piano. It’s this custom-made piano he’ll be presenting and playing for us on Tuesday (10th June) evening! Nils is a genius and the last time he played for ()

Sarah Neufeld & Nils Frahm
Sunday 6th, 5pm

We are very much looking forward to a very special concert on Sunday. Sarah Neufeld, Violinist from the Arcade Fire, will give us a solo show with her instrument, exploring and experimenting with the limits of it’s sound, if there are any. Nils Frahm is opening the show on the piano with some of his beautiful compositions! Feel warmly invited to our Lobby at 5pm. What made you choose the ()