Handwerk Bier Bar

Starting today, for the next 4 weeks, we turn our old creative studio in room 132 into a football loving beer bar. With the tastiest beers Berlin and Mikkeller have to offer. Thanks to Jacob, Mikel and Mixen, we will have great beer knowledge on board to flush our senses! Everyday from 7-12. Room 132. Go and find it.

Our Friends
In Copenhagen / Part 1

Last Friday morning we went to see our friends at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration. We arrived there at 11am and we were worried no one would be there because it was too early for beer. After queuing around the block, we finally got inside… The Copenhagen Beer Celebration is organised by our buddy Jacob and the Mikkeller brewery. It hosts 40 extreme craft breweries from around the world with 320 weird and ()

has arrived!

Today our teamwork with Mikkeller made its first appearance on stage. Azar and Keith Shore (the amazing Mikkeller art director) teamed up on designing the bottle. The printer might have enjoyed himself a bit too much, that’s why this first lot has the label placed upside down. Limited edition so to speak 🙂 Mikkel, look at what we have here: “Mikkellerberger is an American Pale Ale brewed with light malts ()

Bar Refilled

Thanks all for coming out and turning our Mikkeller pop up bar into one of the finest mingling of beer geeks and innocent by-passers. All tabs were running through the night, and transported us into beer heaven. From the Shitting Weasel ales to the Christmas stouts, or the elderflower malts and hoppy pilseners, our horizons were expanded. Next on the menu: The Mikkellerberger Beer. Mikkel is working on the recipe ()

Mikkeller X Michelberger
at Honolulu

For the last weekend before the christmas madness begins, 29th/30th of November, we will purify our sins with the golden waters of the world’s most gypsy-hippie beer magicians from Mikkeller. Our friends Jacob and Mikkel will pack a truck full of beer barrels – 7 unique different beers on tap for one weekend only. Mikkeller’s beers explore the borders of our senses: extreme, challenging, deep, full of character and colors. ()