Sailor Peng
In The Lobby

Our colleague Laura from the bar can serve a Michelberger Sour or a slice of Chocolate Mousse Cake like the best of them. But she has other talents too. She’s the designer and producer of the jewellery which currently sits in the old green vending machine in our lobby. Her jewellery line is called Sailor Peng. Turns out, Sailor Peng is Laura’s alter ego. “I’ve been an internet junkie for ()

Our Housekeeping

Please meet Beata, Grazyna, Anna, Swieta and Moni. These ladies, led by our head Housekeeper Elena (third from the left) form part of our relatively new in-house housekeeping team. Back in February we decided to stop outsourcing this service, and to create our own team of housekeeping ninjas. At the time, one of the ladies from the external cleaning company was from Poland. When word got out that we were ()

This Is

Inga started working at the hotel in the summer of 2010, just a few months after we opened. It almost didn’t happen…she was a bit disillusioned with the hotel industry and was looking at other employment possibilities. But her friend heard about a position in reception at the new hotel on Warschauerstrasse and persuaded her to apply for it. Inga did, and she got the job. Not long after, Inga was with ()

Kennt ihr
Alan ?

Kennt ihr Alan ? Nein? Ich habe mich das auch gerade gefragt – also ob ich ihn „kenne“. Alan ist unser Chefkoch. Und Ire. Hmm. Wenn ich an Irland denke fallen mir satte grüne Wiesen ein, Schafe und klares Wasser. Es ist Donnerstag und die Lunchkarte liegt auf meinem Tisch. Geschrieben hat sie Alan. Und es gibt Lamm. Na schau mal einer an. Alan ? Du kamst nach 4 Jahren ()

Julian und
die Mütter

Ich schaue mir die Mittagstischkarte für die kommende Woche an und lese, dass es diese Woche Blumenkohl Linsen Curry gibt und denke sofort : Yeah ! Julian kocht Curry ! Wieso hat Julian eigentlich so eine Passion für Currys ? Da bleibt nur eins: ihn bitten sich ein bisschen Zeit zu nehmen & nach zu fragen …. Seit ich die Karte für die kommende Woche gelesen habe freue ich mich ()

Breakfast with Wesley Fabb and his Girls.

Claire, Wesley and their kids. Have a look at Claires Blog : Two years ago, you were one of our first guests, when we unofficially opened our first rooms. Yes, we were coming from another hotel which was full. I looked up the Michelberger on before and asked the concierge to call, if there were free rooms. You could tell he was a little bit confused when he came ()

Spätzle and sausage with Gary Goldstein.

Gary Goldstein (70), Physicist, Father of Eli Goldstein (Soulclap)   Did you like the party yesterday? Yes, a lot, we went to bed around midnight but I realized the party was going on quite late. Oh, so you couldn’t sleep because it was too loud? I don’t like to sleep a lot. That’s what Eli and I have in common. Actually I am used to loud music. Eli and Charlie ()


Freshmilk took some shots. See Tom in the interview and have a first look at the almost finished hotel: