Es ist wieder so weit.. Nennt es Zeitvertreib, Passion, oder einfach nur Bastelstunde. Wir bauen Globus-Pendelleuchten! Eine neue DIY Idee zum Nachmachen aus dem Hause Michelberger.

Live in the Lobby

We’re very pleased to accounce: This Sunday, Dec. 15th, after three years of musical silence, Rox will be performing her latest work live here in our lobby. Following the release of last her album, Memoirs, she decided to take a break from reality and music, to travel and discover new worlds. In early 2013 on her travels, she met Patrice, an artist and the missing piece of the puzzle. Together, ()

Photography Exhibition

For the next month or so we’re having a photography exhibition in the lobby. Azar spent his summer holiday in Odessa, right on the Black Sea. He took some photos of that amazing place and the people bursting with life and character and now the weather’s turned dark and cold, we wanted to bring some of that sunshine and colour back to our bar. The vernissage will be tonight (1/11/13) ()

Lily & Madeleine
Live in the Lobby

On Thursday the 10th of October, the beautiful and very talented sisters Lily & Madeleine were playing an amazing concert in our Lobby! Watch below!

Lets do a

We met old and new friends from Mikkeller at the Barconvent in Berlin. The nicest and coolest beer brewers in the universe. We are working on a hotel edition called the Mikkellerberger… one that mixes with Fountain of Youth 🙂

Lily & Madeleine
+ Kalina Morcuende Concert

This Thursday (10.10 from 7pm), Lily & Madeleine will be joining us to play a concert in the lobby. These two young sisters from Indianapolis are a precocious talent and despite being just 16 and 18 years old respectively, they are already turning heads with their intensely beautiful, melodic folk sound and their haunting crystal-clear voices. They’re signed to Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty Records and their debut album Devil We ()

Iva Lamkum
live in the courtyard

We excited to present another courtyard concert. During her tour through Europe, Iva Lamkum from New Zealand will be presenting her new album “Black Eagle” tomorrow evening. Come early, music starts at 6pm with DJ Rute and our Restaurant is open from 7pm (check the menu). Show at 9pm. Looking forward to seeing you all! Update: you can now catch a video of her performance!

Michelberger Cruise
We should do this more often!

Last thursday we took an intimate little cruise with our crew. We emptied out the fridges and made ourselves a big picnic and climbed aboard. With the temperatures soaring in Berlin, the cooling river breeze provided a welcome relief and the old-time tunes from Maarten and Hendrik made our feet tap along in time to the world sliding by. We should do this more often!

Jacques Smith in the hut!

Jacques Smith in the hut!
4th of July

Jacques Smith presents an exclusive shopping experience of one-of-a-kind custom embroidered fashion in our hut. Come play dress up and find your perfect funky piece to dance around the hof with sparklers and hot dogs to celebrate the independence of the United States of America.

James Pfaff - Photographer

James Pfaff
Hotel Photography

If you see this big man wondering around the hotel today or tomorrow, Nikon in hand, don’t be alarmed. It’s only James Pfaff and he’s extremely friendly. James is our ‘official’ hotel photographer, and ever since we’ve opened, he’s been coming by once in a while to document the evolution of our home we call the hotel. James is an amazing photographer, with an immaculate sense of taste, a great ()