Delivering the goods!

Recently we met a new friend named Chanyu. She is the heart behind EATÜBER, a food delivery startup focused on bringing healthy tasty food directly to the people of Berlin.  In speaking to her, one soon realizes what a tall order this represents – delivering healthy, handmade, straight from the oven food that is also tasty! The menu has many highlights for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. The chocolate cake ()


Email received today from Yve: — “This girl, Irene, ordered a 3-er set of Fountain of Youth in our online shop. Something wasn’t working well while ordering so I got in contact with her to find a solution. She told me she needs FOY urgently coz she is in pain and can´t eat – due to a wisdom tooth surgery. We offered her some monkey love to get better soon and ()

Our friends
in London

Last week we paid a whistle-stop visit to London on Fountain of Youth business. The streets were quiet and shining, the weather was great and we had an amazing time and made many new friends. This is what we did: We stayed at the new Ace Hotel on Shoreditch High Street. The Ace team will always be close to our hearts and this is a beautiful addition to their stable. ()

The Story of
Eternal Youth

In the late Spring we opened a little pop-up gallery in Dalston for the Fountain of Youth. If you were ever travelling down the Kinglsand Road into town, chances are you may have seen it as you passed by. It’s just recently closed so we thought it’d be nice to look back over what happened there during the summer. Eternal Youth was the brain-child of our wonderful UK partners Missy ()

Lets do a

We met old and new friends from Mikkeller at the Barconvent in Berlin. The nicest and coolest beer brewers in the universe. We are working on a hotel edition called the Mikkellerberger… one that mixes with Fountain of Youth 🙂

Gary Card
at Eternal Youth

At our Fountain of Youth pop up shop in London, an exhibition by Gary Card, his first solo one, has just opened. It’s called Abandoned Amusement Park Attraction and it’s populated with strange big-nosed, open-mouthed, goggle-eyed characters sculpted from wire and 300 rolls of masking tape. Gary is a multi-talented set, prop, costume, and interior designer who has worked on a wide range of projects all the way from Lady ()

Michelberger Cruise
We should do this more often!

Last thursday we took an intimate little cruise with our crew. We emptied out the fridges and made ourselves a big picnic and climbed aboard. With the temperatures soaring in Berlin, the cooling river breeze provided a welcome relief and the old-time tunes from Maarten and Hendrik made our feet tap along in time to the world sliding by. We should do this more often!

Honolulu Monkey

Die Wiese blüht!

… und wo etwas blüht müssen wir dabei sein und freuen uns riesig, dass unser Honolulu-Bar Bus an diesem Samstag auf dem Gelände der Malzfabrik halten darf. Wir sind dabei wenn ganz Berlin zu elias, Nick and June, Enda Gallery, dem Berliner Kneipenchor, Matteo Capreoli und Tanga Elektra tanzt. Vielleicht sehen wir uns beim Sonne anbeten und Fountain of Youth-Drinks schlürfen. Wir freuen uns auf die Malzer!