Michelberger Poster
Series #1

We’re doing a series of posters and every few weeks we’ll print up a different poster we’ve made. We’ll do 100, A2 sized, and if you happen to want one, just come by reception and pick one up for free. This is number 1, for the Efterklang party on Wednesday and it’s designed by our wonderful intern Georgia Hill.

Celebrating Efterklang’s new Album Piramida
Wednesday * from 7pm

The roots were first laid in 2010, when the band first saw photographs of a forgotten settlement called Piramida slowly dying on Spitsbergen, an island midway between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole. This former Russian mining facility was once home to a thousand people, and was abandoned in January 1998, almost overnight. Casper, Mads and Rasmus visited Piramida in August 2011 with no pre-conceived ideas and not a ()