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Last week we closed off our bar for five days and operated service out of the lobby. In the small hours of Saturday morning, a beautiful new, all-the-mod-cons, proper cocktail bar emerged from the dust! Our clever cocktail team have come up with some new additions for the list: Drew’s creation is the fountain of youth rum punch, made with hazelnut, honey, lime and coconut. And Jan’s contribution is the ()

Overlook –
The Drink

During Michelberger Music, our Overlook room on the fourth floor became unofficial afterhours music making headquarters at the hotel. Naturally, a libation was usually required, and often obtained at the bar on the way up to the top of the hotel. So the bar team came up with something energising, refreshing and strong to power those collaborative sessions into the small hours. This is how Overlook – the drink – is made: ()


It’s officially spring in Berlin, however the chill in the air at night reminds us that winter has not completely left us. So with that in mind, the bar team have created a cocktail menu that plays to both seasons…It’s divided into two sections: citrus based and refreshing, and strong and boozy. Here’s a drink from each… The Green Fairy was created by Clemence, and sits in the former category. ()

Cocktails by Hidetsugu Ueno and Tommy Tomislav – Tonight and Tomorrow Night from 10pm

“My last boss from Star Bar, Mr Kishi, and I were thinking that everybody goes for ice balls it’s not fun anymore. And we where watching an old fashioned glass and looking at the reflections in the light. He said if we could carve a diamond don’t you think that would be so fine and a beautiful thing? I start carving and say; What do you mean?You mean like this? And ()