Bar Refilled

Thanks all for coming out and turning our Mikkeller pop up bar into one of the finest mingling of beer geeks and innocent by-passers. All tabs were running through the night, and transported us into beer heaven. From the Shitting Weasel ales to the Christmas stouts, or the elderflower malts and hoppy pilseners, our horizons were expanded. Next on the menu: The Mikkellerberger Beer. Mikkel is working on the recipe ()

Mikkeller X Michelberger
at Honolulu

For the last weekend before the christmas madness begins, 29th/30th of November, we will purify our sins with the golden waters of the world’s most gypsy-hippie beer magicians from Mikkeller. Our friends Jacob and Mikkel will pack a truck full of beer barrels – 7 unique different beers on tap for one weekend only. Mikkeller’s beers explore the borders of our senses: extreme, challenging, deep, full of character and colors. ()

Lets do a

We met old and new friends from Mikkeller at the Barconvent in Berlin. The nicest and coolest beer brewers in the universe. We are working on a hotel edition called the Mikkellerberger… one that mixes with Fountain of Youth 🙂

Traumberuf: Destillateur bei der Preussischen
Spirituosen Manufaktur

Ab August suchen Gerald und der Professor eine/n neue/n auszubildenden/de Destillateur/in. Wenn wir alle nicht schon einen hätten, wäre das unser Traumberuf ! Wir haben Gerald dazu ein paar Fragen gestellt: Dein Partner Professor Ulf Stahl hat einen weissen Vollbart, ist Wiener, fährt eine Harley und hat dazu noch eine Professur in Südkorea wo er umschwärmt wird wie ein Superstar. Ein Unikat. Was hast du von ihm gelernt? In der Tat ist ()

Sunday Booze

Onkel Rudi is back home again and he brought his friends. You will see them live on stage with their Alpenhorns Sunday from 5pm celebrating our Booze Birthday with Safe Sane and Single and the Vermont Joy Parade in the Winterwald and in the Lobby! See you there … in double !

Michelberger Booze Launch Party

Announcing the Michelberger Booze Company – Launch Party!!

One day when we were exploring the catacombs under the Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur, we came across a couple of recipes in the back of a dusty old book. We took those recipes and over the last year, we’ve been busily working away, blending, refining, tasting, hallucinating and today we’re very happy to announce the launch of the Michelberger Booze Company! After many years lost in the mists of time, we’ve brought ()