At the Bar Convention Berlin this week, we presented our BOOK of BOOZE to all the Booze People of Europe. As we are just starting out in the big and established beverage world, we thought about a way to get our Fountain of Youth Coconut Water and our Michelberger Booze directly to anyone in Europe who would like to get a taste of the magic. Then we thought, why not ()

Michelberger Booze Chef Lieferanten

Liebe Schnaps- und Kräuterfeinschmecker, Bar- und Restaurant Kollegen, liebe Booze Freunde ! Köpenicker Weinladen & Getränke Lehmann bringen ab sofort unseren Schnaps direkt zu Euch. Wenn Ihr das nächste Mal in eurer Hausbar oder eurem Lieblingsrestaurant seid: Fragt nach Michelberger Booze unserem Kräuterschnaps und Likör. Spätestens nach dem Dritten passiert was Magisches. Der Dunkle schmeckt wie im dunklen geheimnisvollen Wald sitzen und an Liebe denken, der Helle ist wie auf ()


Thanks to Professor Stahl for showing us their mystic catacombs, letting us smell their secret flavors and taste their oldest and best Booze. Thanks to Maarten and his band for the swing, Thorsten and The Vermont Joy Parade for the music and Rudi and Karl for playing the Alpenhorns for us so beautifully!

Michelberger Booze Launch Party

Announcing the Michelberger Booze Company – Launch Party!!

One day when we were exploring the catacombs under the Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur, we came across a couple of recipes in the back of a dusty old book. We took those recipes and over the last year, we’ve been busily working away, blending, refining, tasting, hallucinating and today we’re very happy to announce the launch of the Michelberger Booze Company! After many years lost in the mists of time, we’ve brought ()