Our very first blog post was on December 10, 2008…almost 10 years to the day before our last! Today we launched our new website, and with that, we bid farewell to our blog. It will remain here as a journal of the first¬†10 years of the hotel – the music, the food, the stories, the design, the musings,¬†the people! Visit the What’s On section on our new website to keep ()

Sartosomething, the American Gigolo!

Last week the The Sartorialist gave a little talk and the fashion people came by. They were all so shiny and fashiony and nice smelling that we didn’t want them to leave.

11th April

Time to get this blog rolling. Some entries will be in German and some will be in English. Finally the sunshine has arrived. There’s only 100 days left to launch, and like the spring, the real work madness is just beginning… But, hey, there’s always time to hang out