SomeKindaWonderful Concert

Events Hotel

This Wednesday (17.12) we welcome SomeKindaWonderful to the lobby to play.

These fateful devotees of a tiny bar in the suburb of Cleveland, Ohio started their journey together during a late night improvised jam session. After a combination of excitement and way too many drinks, they woke up the day after with the urge to record those melodies…. and of course a big hangover!

Most people move to LA to make their dreams come true. In this case the singer, Jordy Towers took a reverse choice and retreated to the Midwest to find his path again after a failed record deal with a major label.

Reverse is also the name of their first song where the consequences of infidelity became the lyrics. After creating it, Jordy got the idea to play the song backwards and somehow it worked better, also mirroring his move from LA to Cleveland. He took the idea from a track of Nas and from Michel Gondry’s movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. As he said: “that path is reversed from what you would normally expect”.

SomeKindaWonderful’s album Rhinestone Melodies is the band’s reminder to themselves not to fall into a predictable or trendy future.

Feel warmly invited from 7pm.

Get a feel for them here.