Sarah Neufeld & Nils Frahm Sunday 6th, 5pm

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We are very much looking forward to a very special concert on Sunday.

Sarah Neufeld, Violinist from the Arcade Fire, will give us a solo show with her instrument, exploring and experimenting with the limits of it’s sound, if there are any. Nils Frahm is opening the show on the piano with some of his beautiful compositions!

Feel warmly invited to our Lobby at 5pm.


What made you choose the violin as your instrument?  How much time do you spend with it each day?
SN: I chose the violin when I was 2 years old- my brother had started playing it and I was enamoured by it. I didn’t always play though, I quit my classical lessons when I was 15 in favour of my new electric guitar and the Hendrix licks I was obsessed with. I started playing a lot again when I realized I could amplify the violin and play it in my rock band. I like to spend about an hour or two with the violin every day. I’ve been trying to find a new one for this solo project- something that has a special voice for this new special job.

What’s the main difference for you to go on a solo tour to,  for example, going on tour with the Arcade Fire? What is more exciting for you?
SN: I’ve always worked collaboratively. I love musical ideas feeding off each other and ending up with something no one quite recognizes as their own- this is the way Bell Orchestre worked. Collaborating with rock bands is great too- finding yourself in a world of music like the Arcade Fire and working within that is super inspiring. Composing music alone is a whole other animal- you’re feeding off yourself, you wear all the hats. Touring alone is just what it is- solitary. Touring with AF is a large family on wheels. The two couldn’t be more different.

At the moment you are working on your first solo album. How would you describe the music?
SN: I am working on my first solo album! So exciting. The music is very small and very big at the same time. I’m pushing my personal style- which has always been rhythmic and employing playing more than one string at a time- I’m taking that further here, so you get all these voices coming out and sometimes it sounds quite different than one violin playing. There are elements of traditional folk fiddle in there, minimalism, some raw quality that comes from my love of rock music.


Nils Frahm is  producing your first album. How did you meet? Did you choose him or did he choose you?
SN: I was asked to open for Nils at a church on the upper west side in NYC. I started listening to his album Felt and fell in love with it, compositionally and sonically. We had fun playing together at the show- improvising on each others songs. When I learned he was an engineer and producer it fell into place, he seemed excited to work with me on it, which is a great thing- to have mutual respect and excitement about the people you work with.

What would you do if you couldn’t live from your art?
SN: I would teach yoga- in fact I already do! Its another vocation that really doesn’t feel like a job. I’m so lucky that way, whether its working on music or teaching yoga, I never feel like I’m at work- I just feel so blessed to be doing it.

Any resolutions for 2013?
SN: I’ve been on and off a meditation practice for years, and recently I’ve been more dedicated to it, and find that it really helps my musical brain. When I’m practicing being aware in the present, my focus is much clearer, I feel much more grounded in life. My intention for 2013 is to keep going with that.


Update: you can checkout some video from the performance in the lobby below!