s t a r g a z e – renegade new-classical ensemble

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s t a r g a z e are one of the names on the list of artists involved with the happening at Funkhaus that somewhat embody what this event is all about…collaboration is at the core of what they do. Ever heard a live mixtape with various artists popping in and out ? Well…s t a r g a z e will bring it to life.

s t a r g a z e are a network of classically trained musicians, founded by Berlin based conductor André de Ridder. They are a bunch of people who have been working in classical and classical contemporary music, but in their own words: “are getting more excited by what’s going on in contemporary pop, electronica and other uncategorizable genres in and around these confines…”

Without giving too much away, this bunch of artists will be expanding with the addition of English singers, American musicians and probably lots more…

main page photo: Rah Petherbridge