People All Inclusive


If we believe that people are innocent by nature, we can accept that all the wrong doing comes from the stories they are telling themselves and history they create by interacting with their parents, friends and social surrounding, over the years.

Defence is the first act of war. So if we don’t fire back, we open the gates to peace. If we show understanding for other opinions and views, we build bridges. Bridges that get bigger and bigger, the more we are listening. Inclusiveness.

Brexit, Trump, AFD, the corrupt political class, the power driven managers, the financial unfairplayers at Wall Street… they are us. They are the PEOPLE. Whatever is in them, is in every single one of us. Let’s look at the Trump inside ourselves, at the protectionist inside us, at the money driver inside us, let’s look how fair we are treating our immediate family members.

Being privileged growing up in a country without famine, with plenty of educational opportunities and above all in times of peace, we are thankful and with a deep sense of responsibility to do something with that privileged state of being. A peace on the surface, a peace built on the expense of war with others. Exclusive peace for a privileged western world. The bubble we are so comfortably living in, wants to expand, the people outside of the bubbles, want to join the ride.

The solutions are there, the ideas are floating around, there is opportunity for a wider, sustainable state of peace and freedom. There are millions of examples given by PEOPLE. Ideally at some point leading to a borderless world. Diverse, colourful, enriching and caring.

The solution can only lie in togetherness. War is not the way to peace. Be it the war with bombs or the war with words. How can we expect peaceful dialog and social advancing by insulting, excluding and hating people? Is it not our own anger about ourselves, that make us feel anger towards others? We are not better than others. We just have more time and freedom to think about things. Wisdom is not exclusive, it’s universal. And it’s about creating space for all of us to tap in.

The answers are within us. Whatever we are crying about in the world, the only place to change is by discovering the source within us. The outside world is a reflection of every single one of us. If we change ourselves, we change the reflection.

How much are our lives dictated by anger, suppressed emotions, non communication and tensions across gender, generations and families? How much time is wasted on being preoccupied with the same stories over and over again. My girlfriend left me, I am not making the money that I deserve, I am not respected by my parents, I am not appreciated for what I do. They the upper class, the evil doers, the lobbyist, the big corporations… they are responsible. This is how we keep ourselves from looking at the one person that is truly and only responsible. What are we doing with our time? There is so much we can do in every second of our lives: What do we eat, how do we consume, how do we deal with criticism, how do we react to others, to our internal emotions, what are we thinking about?

Are we wasting our time living a spoiled western decadent way of life or do we take responsibility? It’s not the others, it’s always me. The best place to start. It is empowering and it creates a feeling of being in charge of your own life. Instead of constantly seeking faults and reasons in others to feel resentment. The easy way is to exclude, the fun way is to include.

Life will never stop, there is no reason to worry, and there is opportunity to co-create. It’s time to step beyond the things we already know.

Let us take ALL PEOPLE along, let us be defined by a diverse mix of voices, let us include everyone. Let us stay open and let us take a leap of LOVE.


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