Our Housekeeping Team

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Please meet Beata, Grazyna, Anna, Swieta and Moni. These ladies, led by our head Housekeeper Elena (third from the left) form part of our relatively new in-house housekeeping team. Back in February we decided to stop outsourcing this service, and to create our own team of housekeeping ninjas.
At the time, one of the ladies from the external cleaning company was from Poland. When word got out that we were looking to establish our own housekeeping team, she successfully applied for a job. And then her sister did too. And then that sister’s friend. And then that friend’s cousin, etc etc. So now nine out of ten of our housekeepers come from the same village in Poland (Zack from Senegal makes up the ten). Two of the ladies live in Berlin, but the other seven make the four hour round trip to come to work at the hotel.
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We have 113 rooms, and on each day there are six housekeepers on duty, cleaning and preparing the rooms for our guests. As you can imagine, this requires some precise coordination, and that’s where Miri (on the right) and Caro come in. Miri is from the north of Germany and Caro is from the south. They draw up the plan for which rooms need to be prepared for the next guests and which rooms need to be refreshed for guests still in-house. They then assign rooms to each of the housekeepers and keep a watchful eye to make sure everything is just right.
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They are supported on the ground by Pedro (on the left)¬†and Beretin. These two gentlemen take care of the public areas in the hotel, making it shine inside and out. Beretin is originally from Turkey and Pedro originally from Ecuador, and they have both lived in Berlin for around nine years. Beretin doesn’t have to cross an international border to get to work, but he does have to start his shift at 5:00am, which we think is pretty impressive too.
Pedro and Beretin