New Cocktails

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It’s officially spring in Berlin, however the chill in the air at night reminds us that winter has not completely left us. So with that in mind, the bar team have created a cocktail menu that plays to both seasons…It’s divided into two sections: citrus based and refreshing, and strong and boozy. Here’s a drink from each…


The Green Fairy was created by Clemence, and sits in the former category. It’s fresh but quite earthy at the same time. It’s made with muddled celery, Adler gin, vermouth and lemon, with egg white and a dash of Crémant to create texture. It’s finished with a red chilli tincture, which is sprayed over the top, providing a nice olfactory hit.



Andrew is the brains behind the High Tea, one from the strong and boozy section of the menu. It’s made with Earl Grey infused gin, lemon and Rose Liquor from Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur, the same folks that make our Michelberger Forest and Michelberger Mountain here in Berlin. The Earl Grey is a very prominent flavour, as is the lemon.

Andrew says that if you like tea, but you also like booze, then this is the drink for you.