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We enjoyed hosting the Whiskey Room Kino so much over Christmas time, we’ve decided to keep it going.

We’re doing so together with Behind the Tree, a streaming platform available in Germany for independent and arthouse films. It’s a platform not only with great films but one that ensures the filmmakers are paid fairly too.

Ask for directions to the Whiskey Room at reception, and pick yourself up a drink from the bar on the way through.

The Kino is for hotel guests and visitors alike. Free entry and popcorn for everyone!


February Program:

Friday 16th, 8pm – Music is our weapon

When the voiceless become the only voice

An inspiring look at the history and philosophy of Kenyan band Sarabi. The film chronicles their incredible musical journey and the way the band uses it’s music to build bridges between all social classes.

Total runtime 110 minutes * FSK 0 (released without age restriction) * English with German subtitles

Sunday 25th, 6pm – I go back home: Jimmy Scott

The moving story of German composer Ralf Kemper’s drive to celebrate a long forgotten music legend.

A contemporary of Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker, and one of the last connections to the golden age of jazz, Jimmy Scott was described by the New York Times as “perhaps the most unjustly ignored American singer of the 20th century”. Personally discontented, Kemper becomes obsessed with the idea of bringing attention to his hero, but it takes a tragedy to put his thoughts into action. By the time the two men meet, Scott is 85 and in poor health. What ensues is a beautiful tale about capturing Jimmy’s unique voice in a race against time.

Total runtime 96 minutes * FSK 0 (released without age restriction) * English language