Mikkeller X Michelberger at Honolulu

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For the last weekend before the christmas madness begins, 29th/30th of November, we will purify our sins with the golden waters of the world’s most gypsy-hippie beer magicians from Mikkeller.

Our friends Jacob and Mikkel will pack a truck full of beer barrels – 7 unique different beers on tap for one weekend only.

Mikkeller’s beers explore the borders of our senses: extreme, challenging, deep, full of character and colors. Some are fruity and spicy, others sour, bitter or sweet.

The following beers will be on tap:

  • Barrelaged Big Worster Bourbon, barley wine 18,3%.
  • Santas little helper 13, belgian ale with spices 10,7%
  • I beat you, DIPA, 9,8
  • Beer geek brunch weasel, inperial oatmeal stout with coffee, 10,9%
  • Spontan rosehip, Spontanale with rosehip, 7,7%
  • Hoppy loving x-mas, IPA 7,8%
  • Vesterbro Spontanale, spontale 5,5%
  • Årh hvad, belgian wild ale 6,8%
  • Barrelaged Årh Hvad, Grand Marnier, BA belgian wild ale 6,8%
  • Stateside, IPA, 6,9%
  • American Dream, Hoppy Pilsner, 4,6%
  • K:erlek 4, pale ale with pineapple, 4,6%

Dive in!

Beer starts flowing at 5pm.
Restaurant opens at 7pm.