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After our festival in 2011, we always felt 2 things: we’ll do it again and that it will be something else. Now is the time and the place for it to happen.

A week dedicated to music in and out of our hotel. In theses amazing spaces of Funkhaus. Bringing artists together for one week to spend time, rehearse, record and collaborate and share it with all of us on the weekend: October 1st/2nd.

The idea came to life in January together with Aaron and Bryce Dessner, Justin Vernon, Brandon Reid, André de Ridder, Vincent Moon and Ryan Olson. This is the family from which the tree of musicians grew to where it is now.

When describing it to a friend last night, he said:

“…So it’s basically ‘creator’s jail’…..but on a volunteer, not arrested, basis, and in the Michelberger.  But still, they’re all kind of under ‘haus-arrest.’   And: forced to play.   Not a bad idea!  I’m liking this a lot.  I’ve written a screenplay like this in the States where they book you into a hotel and don’t let you out until you’re done.  Great room service, tho.  Not as good as Alan, but still good. Kidding.  Not about the screenplay.  That actually happened. ”

…and here goes the ticket gate: michelbergermusic.com

Much Love, be there, your Michelbergers

and… this is a fully non commercial event. No partners, no sponsors, only artists. And Michelberger Room Service 🙂

Michelberger Music