Michelberger Music People – Fionn Regan


Back in July, an Irish man with rather thick brown hair started to frequent our bar, often sitting in the same sunny spot in the corner of the lounge, and always ordering the same thing – a large bottle of sparkling water. Quite a few of us Michelbergers spotted his almost daily visits, and we wondered exactly what he was up to. Curiosity got the better of one of our colleagues in the bar, Stassja, and she thought to herself, “I have to know who this guy is!” They chatted and she found out that he was a songwriter who’d recently moved to Berlin. Mostly they talked about their German language skills, or lack thereof.

Fast forward a week or so, and Justin, who is one of our musical partners in the festival, told Tom about a guy he would love to sing some songs with – Fionn Regan. He recognised Fionn, but couldn’t place him. Later he connected the dots, Fionn was the mystery man from the bar. Meant to be kind of moment. So Stassja was charged with keeping an eye out for Fionn, but of course he didn’t come back to the hotel for almost a month! When he did return, Stassja seized the opportunity and a photo was taken of a phone number and an email address scribbled on scrap paper, which was then emailed to Wisconsin where some other Michelbergers were at Justin’s Eaux Claires festival. Happily, it all came together and Fionn will be joining us next week at the Funkhaus.