Michelberger Makes Clothes

Hotel News

Recently it became uncomfortable for us to be ordering our hotel t-shirts from a third-party supplier that we don’t really know. Then we said, “why not make our own ones and dig a little deeper”?

So in the summer Julia Knüpfer joined our studio. Julia is an prize-winning fashion designer from Berlin whose focus on high-quality, timeless tailoring with an ethical twist matched our wish for the same.

To those two principles, we’ve added a third, the element of illustration. The clothes will be limited edition, creative pieces that you can wear, coming from the place where fashion and drawing meet.

Everything is designed here in the hotel.  The clothes are made locally, just outside Berlin. When we print on fabric, it’s done in Germany. We’ll use natural materials and where possible they’ll be organic. We aim to make things that look great, and last, for years.

We’ll work in a spontaneous way, following an idea that inspires us in the moment, to make a unique run of clothes or accessories, rather than being constrained by doing two seasonal collections a year.

We’re just about to release our first things and you can take a look next time you’re in the hotel. More to come…