Michelberger fancy pants: The Hideouts

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Together with our friend Sigurd Larsen, we built on our architecturally sharp room categories and added some hot shots to the family, something wundervoll: The Hideout rooms.

Self-contained suites where you can hideout from the world and do your thing in peace. The rooms have lots of wood, are playful, luxurious, spacious and tactile. They come with sauna, kitchen, bath, rain shower and a bunch of extra sweets. There is second bed area for guests travelling with children or a third person and a fine room service menu.

Ready for booking only through our website or by calling us.  

A big thank you all you craftsman for bringing the idea to reality:

Tischlerei Kathrein, Peter Meyer Elektrik, Heiztechnik Hoehninger, Denis Seidel Fliesen & Objekt Bau Berlin.

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