Michelberger by the lake

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Every once in a while, we take our restaurant and bar on the road. This time for our friends Casper and Rasmus’ festival By the Lake. A stone’s throw from their studio in Weissensee they found an almost forgotten mini version of the Wuhlheide in the Weissensee Woods.

We happily framed their wonder-packed mix of out-there performances from Omar Suleyman or Wildbirds & Peacedrums, to their Efterklang evolution combo Liima with food and drinks.

Over a thousand people including ourselves left the place filled with sounds and flavors, quality and character, and a wonderfully diverse audience. We are looking forward to what’s to come more from the Lake radio team. (http://thelakeradio.com/)

At the same time a magical wedding took place at our hotel. So logistically, this was the biggest day so far for us. Both events were amongst the most amazing we ever participated in or hosted. Thank you to all our staff, to the wonderful appreciative guests and our partners at work.

See you around.

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