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We’d like to introduce you to Sabrina, one of our new colleagues. You might have noticed her calmly walking through reception or the lobby, but most of the time she’s up in Room 330, performing little miracles in the form of massage. Sabrina is a trained holistic therapist and has her own practice in Mitte. Here she follows an integrative approach, taking into account not only the physical but also the spiritual and emotional needs of her clients. She often employs a combination of massage, nutritional therapy, naturopathy, cranial sacral therapy and psychotherapy to treat the people that come to see her.

While she concentrates on massage when she’s at the hotel, that doesn’t mean she forgets about this holistic approach. Which is why it’s hard to say exactly what type of massage Sabrina does. She doesn’t prescribe to a particular style, but instead draws on her varied knowledge to decide what kind of massage is best for each individual. She says this is what’s exciting about it – working out in five minutes what each client wants and needs. Having said that, her approach can also change as she goes along, depending on how each body reacts to the massage.

Through massage, Sabrina wants to have the best effect possible on people. To be able to assist them with their ailments – from poor sleep to pain to stress relief. As she says, what she does is “more than just a back rub”. Even for those seeking a simple and relaxing message, we’re pleased to report that a session with Sabrina will tick that box also. It’s not uncommon for people to return from their massage with her, marvelling how it seemed she had four hands which rolled across their back, warming and soothing as they went!

Sabrina offers Hot Stone Massage as well as regular massage when she is at the hotel, and she joins Andreas and Beatrix on our massage team. Andreas specialises in classic massage, relaxation massage, Shiatsu and foot reflexology. Beatrix offers lymphdrainage as well as classic massage and foot reflexology. They are here at the following times:

  • Andreas – Mondays and Fridays, from 3pm to 9pm
  • Beatrix – Wednesdays, from 3pm to 9pm
  • Sabrina – Saturdays, from 2pm to 8pm and Sundays from 12 noon to 6pm.

Sessions start at 20 Euro for 20 minutes, although we recommend 30 to 40 minutes, a length of time that allows the nervous system to release and the body to relax. Of course everyone is welcome, not just hotel guests. You can book at reception or contact us at or on 030 / 29778590


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