Little things: Shopping Mall Yes or No

Hotel News

Our new neighbours…they haven’t formally introduced themselves, but they are sending secret messages through the ground water. For some technical ground water fighting style, probably necessary to build 5 additional stories below the ground, our hotel gets water signals every 5 seconds. (Including the eye surgeon building next door). First Azar, the Pen, our creative director noticed, when the lines he put on paper, started resembling a seismograph. Warschauer Strasse is shaking every 5 seconds. Why? Because someone or somewhat is building a new shopping mall next door.

Rich countries (sometimes also poor countries) love to build stuff that they are familiar with (or in the poor country case, because they follow the rich country approach). That reduces the risk and maximises their free time for playing golf or fighting rebels. Since they know how it works, they might as well do it as much as they can, as longs as it lasts.

Now, just imagine a new shopping mall opening and no one showing up. Now, what about referendums that would actually make sense? Instead of having the Brits decide on the fate of generations, why not first try the whole referendum thing out on Shopping Malls?

Shopping Mall? Yes or no. Would love to see that play out.

Also the questions and discussions surrounding a shopping mall, might also help solving more important issues that surface Westside. What do I shop for and who do I shop from, why do I shop in the first place? And why is that worth a referendum?