Little Scream Live

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Little Scream – AKA Montreal based multi-instrumentalist, writer, and visual artist Laurel Sprengelmeyer – has just released her second album, titled Cult Following. And on Tuesday 28th June she’ll be bringing her own brand of grand-scale indie pop to the hotel for a show in our courtyard.

Her music is lush and expansive and draws heavily on personal experiences – one of them being growing up “in a kind of Christian religious cult” as a Jehovah’s Witness. She says “…anything can become a cult. Love and relationships can become a cult. Anywhere we’re getting our sense of meaning and identity and really wrestling with that. I’m wrestling with a lot of those things….”

The music on her new album alternates between intimate fragility and bold, catchy dance floor ready songs. Here she is below performing Love as A Weapon, from her new album. Show starts at 8:00pm, please feel welcome to join us on what’s sure to be a magical carpet ride with Little Scream.