It’s time to hybridize

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Our friend and fellow funkhaus comrade Vincent Moon has just finished a very special project together with his wife Priscilla Telmon. For the past three years they have immersed themselves in an experimental-ethnographic study of current day spiritual cults in Brazil. They will soon begin presenting their incredible work around the world, and we’re delighted that one of their stops along the way this summer will be here at the hotel. Here’s some further information about Híbridos direct from Vincent and Priscilla:


It’s been 3 years of intense and independent work to finally reach the moment of releasing the first part of this multi-form research on Brazilian sacred culture and its music.

This project explore the parallels between digital and spiritual realities in our world, by using a whole array of extended cinema practices – questioning our own relationship to trance-type of images in an over-intellectualized moment of society. It takes the basis of Brazil as our love for this land is strongly rooted in its constantly mutable ritual practices.

This exploration of the state of contemporary trances results in a collection of 90 short films (all released on a large open-sourced website next November), one feature length film (100min long), live cinema performances, multi-screen installations, discs and more. 

The project is launching this summer first in Europe and Africa, and then in Brazil and the Americas from September on.

We hope we will meet many of you along the roads of our cinema of the invisible.


Read more here and watch this space…we’ll let you know when Vincent and Priscilla are on their way!