It’s LIVE: Films & People Radio from Michelberger Music

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In October we brought together 120 artists for a musical gathering that woke up some angels 🙂

Some of you have been there and for all…here is what the filmmakers captured, moving through the 6 show stages fluid like the artists did.

Films of Gone live right now with the first part of the films and you are the first to see.

Everyone only saw a fraction of what was happening simultaneously. That is why we are so thankful that they have captured some of the moments on tape. Adding to our all memories…

In addition a little idea grew, let’s see where it takes us: Your direct link to the music of our fall week and all the music to come out of what has been started. It’s a constant stream of music, no skipping, an eternal sound carpet. Enjoy!

Here is to Independence, Togetherness and Inclusiveness !
Thank you for showing up!