I’m a KOMBO Döner SHOP

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Next Thursday 5th May, Lasse Askov and Bo Lindegaard of I’m a KOMBO will be joining us once more from Copenhagen, and bringing with them their Döner Shop. Lasse and Bo are chefs, and they prepare food for folks to eat. However the approach they take and the way they think about the possibilities of how this can be done is what makes them so interesting. It’s a bit hard to describe exactly what they do, so here they are in their own words…

“Popping up visiting friends abroad is one of our ways of challenging and interpreting the tradition of modern cooking. By looking at and collaborating with other creatives, it is our ambition to reintroduce the guest as a participant of the meal and consequently restore the social space of the meal.

This time we are visiting the courtyard at Michelberger, informally cooking alongside Alan Micks. We’ll be creating a menu based on how we previously have experienced the streets of Berlin, twisting and bending a well known food design into something not only (hopefully) refined and tastier, but also more fun. Inspired by the atmosphere and family feel of the hotel, it will be like coming home to a house you have never been to.”

The menu will include freshly baked flatbread, sweet salted organic chicken on a kebab, salad du jour, seafood salad and a Flavour Pharmacy, where guests get to finish their kebabs with toppings of their choice. To drink there’ll be carbonated Ayran, and last but not least, toasted fennel and salt marshmallows for dessert.

Bo and Lasse will serve their interactive food from 5pm to 10pm, or until it runs out. Here’s a couple of photos from when they were last at the hotel in the summer of 2014.