Humans – Members only

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Are you working for an ad agency ? Movie maker, writer, performing artist, a painter, a producer, a media executive or brand ambassador ? Well then, your chances of a successful application for those modern version private member clubs increase. It’s Creatives only. Whatever that means. A place to network with likeminded people, movers, shakers and influencers. The breed that wants to define stuff. Around the world more and more clubs are popping up, a mixture of co-working spaces and fun hangouts. A playground for the privileged to mingle and feel good amongst themselves. Making all those connections that are important to survive in this big brands, big companies service jungle they are servicing.

How fun would it be to start places or create spaces where the colourful bunch mingles ? The newspaper man, the butcher, the homeless,  the family guy, the executive, the football player, the Yogi, the mother, the carpenter and the painter ? Do it with application or motivation letter, but wouldn’t it be so much more to base it on character and life story ? That could become a cool version of a modern business. All under one roof, everyone doing their own things, mingling around… a modern manufacturing plant… just like every street corner, or local pub or coffee shop. Run by characters instead of an investment fund that is fuelled by rip offs. (ie. Chinese investors, who in return for cash gain US citizenship)

We keep creating these closed business, art or creative circles, everyone celebrating themselves. Outside of it, no one really cares. Exclusivity is a weird thing if it excludes people. Exclusive by definition, excluded by own choice, would be something. So everything just working out a sharp profile and then letting it filter naturally. It would also help to realise that creativity is nothing exclusive. It is born into everyone of us. We are all artists wondering through life. The learning curve would look quite different, so does the experience a long the way. What good comes out of a homogenous crowd talking to each other ? Like in all the generations before. Even big business becomes small business, when a few club members make deals like neighbours do. Best case, a joke like FIFA comes out of it.

Clubs never really worked for the good of mankind. Only for the good of themselves. But we are no longer living in the 80s or the Rockefeller days. Lets learn from the past and let it be over. A planet without borders, needs transparent leadership and transparent systems. Let’s start where we can. In our little creative Berlin. Let’s not fake it. Let’s start with ourselves, humble, excited and open, with fresh thinking. Instead of repeating the past re-packaged in our fresh hipster outfits.  

So next time you get invited to an exclusive event or club, take a pass and walk your neighbourhood …there are plenty creatives to discover and connections to be made.

Hiding in towers or wondering the streets. Pick a ride.