How Leah saw The National

Around Town Events Hotel

From Tom’s daily humming of Sorrow to the unforgettable album release show of Trouble Will Find Me back in April in our courtyard, The National’s music has become a home to us all in the Michelberger.

So it was only natural that we decided to make a little team outing and take our love and support to the biggest concert our friends have done in Berlin so far.

On Monday evening we went to the Max-Schmeling-Halle, hand in hand, like a group of excited kids. We sang. We danced. We soaked ourselves in the sea of beautiful music along with the 9,000 other people in the room. It was an electric two hours and everyone connected euphorically with the band’s explosion of passion on (and off) the stage. They turned this huge venue into a small intimate show with everyone connected to the very last row.

After the concert, we made a small trip backstage (which was just as humble as they are) to hug our friends for the magical evening.

It was a cold Berlin night, but our hearts were definitely in the warmest place. Thank you, The National, for your music and come back home soon!