The Group Concert

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This Thursday (10th July), we’re very happy to welcome The Group to the hotel.

The Group means improvising the music and playing together with the audience.

This collective is made up of a group of very of experienced musicians who have built successful careers with their other projects, such as Efterklang. It consists of:

Casper Clausen, Greg Haines, Martyn Heyne, Francesco Donadello, Peter Broderick, Andrea Belfi, Anne Müller and Jóhann Jóhannsson.

One of the fascinating things about this band is that the group is always evolving and developing. The members vary and so every show is unique and unrepeatable, every song never heard again. Their sound alternates between a complex, crazy poly-rhythmical structure and quiet moments. Every show is based on improvisation so that the audience can be part of the creative process of building up a song from the very beginning.

Stagetime 8pm. Unmissable.