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When we first heard about our The National friends Ben, Scott and Bryan LNZDRFing us, we had very little idea what to expect. With excitement and awe we are awaiting the trilogy of performances in Grüner Salon (23rd Feb), Kantine am Berghain (25th Feb) and Cassiopeia (26th Feb). This music gets you. It sticks…the dreaminess, the tempo and the deeply hidden underlying positivity…. music that makes you feel good although you don’t know why… sounds that makes you wanna do things… without the regular feel good tones destroying it.

We asked Ben which movie threesome would match their story:

“While it would be tempting to draw similarities between our triangular musical efforts and the film trilogies of Ingmar Bergman, or the original Star Wars movies, I find our greatest parallels to be with the Back To the Future trilogy. We are looking backwards and forwards, back to the future and forward to the past, with an almost time machine like inevitability of chaos and resolution. We both sneeze on the dinosaurs and mess with your future you!!!”

We also had questions for Scott and Bryan, but they decided to answer with images from above the clouds and a message from the studio.

Can’t wait. Go there. Don’t miss. This is what makes time travel possible.

You can get tickets here.

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