Experimental Sound Night

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On the evening of Friday 12 Feb, we’re having an exciting experimental sound night in the bar. We hope you’ll join us and suggest you drop by after dinner and before heading out for the night.

Running order:

20-22 Daniel Cupic LAWBF / 22-22:30 Wouter Jaspers / 22:30-23 Graham Dunning / 23 – 02 Daniel LAWBF


You may have seen a video floating around the internet recently of a crazy turntable construction pumping out a wonky, hypnotic techno beat. That’s Graham’s Mechanical Techno Machine which he’s coming to demonstrate for us.

Graham is an artist from London. He has a background in experimental music and this continues over into his artistic practise. He works in various formats but his work is generally to do with sound and found objects. He uses experimentation and play as a main part of his process but he also sets himself restrictions for his projects in a similar way to how scientific experiments are conducted. Noise – as unwanted sound like record crackle or tape hiss – often features in his work and a visual equivalent in dirt, dust or decay. He often tries to repeat a visual process with audio and vice versa.

His work explores time and commemoration: How people store their memories, in personal archives – photographs, audio journals, post-it notes – and what becomes of those archives. He finds discarded objects interesting in themselves, for the stories that they suggest or that can be read into them. Collecting things has always held a fascination for him, both personally and to look at the way others do it.

You can read a nice interview with Graham here.



Wouter lives in Berlin and you may know him as one half of Koma Elektronic.

Based in a small shop in Neukölln, Koma makes innovative musical equipment for musicians and producers. They want to put the fun of creating and playing around with sound back into music by making analog gear that gives the musician, the power and possibilities to create and develop unique sounds.

Wouter himself has over 500 concerts under his belt in the past 6 years it’s no surprise the idea of the journey is metaphorically transposed into his work. He is an auteur of field recordings and synth adventures that make use of his busy tour schedule to amass a noise archive where the narrative qualities of sound become catalysts for dark ambient folk chasms and ear splitting adventures.

His Soundcloud is here.



LAWBF or Like A Wild Beast’s Fur is a Berlin based showcase that presents a hybrid art form and functions as a collective. The collective, which was founded in 2014, currently holds a bi-monthly residency at Berghain, setting up shows in the Kantine venue. Every show is a unique combination of theatre and performances by internationally acclaimed artists. All pieces merge modern electronic music with theatrical explorations of literature and pop-culture.

We know little about Daniel. Sources have informed us that he is descended from Croatian royalty and is over 100 years old, using his superhuman powers to hide in the body of a 30-something house and techno DJ. His actual age has allowed him to witness electronic music from the time of its origins and apparently he has smoked crack with Nicola Tesla whilst working on a proto-variant of a low-frequency-oscillator in a hotel room in New York. He has amassed countless musical releases – all on polyvinychloride. He is also known as J.A.Q. and plays badass Drone sets.