Thank you Jeremy and Trever for the wonderful performance. It was intense and inspiring!

The Odd Gig – Edition 5

Our guest for the next Odd Gig is Bristol native turned Berlin local Koehler. His genre bending style has jungle roots with futuristic technoid crossover, often with a cinematically potent sound. We’re excited to see what he pulls out of the bag on Monday night! The Odd Gig is our monthly night where artists are invited to play the records they might not normally. Here’s Valentin Stip’s mix from the summer and Andi Toma’s from ()


Next Wednesday 13 September Jeremy Black and Trever Hagen return to the hotel to make some experimental analog electronic music together. Working as AWEFEKT, Jeremy and Trever met last year at Michelberger Music and started sharing sounds at April Base studios. Jeremy is a music producer and Trever creates textural sounds using the trumpet. Both come from an improvisation background and we can expect Wednesday’s PEOPLE jam to be experimental and free form, ()


Some magic happened last weekend in Copenhagen. A part of the hotel and the monkey team banded together to explore the HAVEN Festival. Equipped with super duper bikes the journey through the city began with a wonderful dinner Thursday evening and some nice drinks at the temporary HAVEN Bar in the heart of the city. Strengthened by a huge breakfast the first festival day started with an exceptional opening: The ()

The Odd Gig – Edition 4
Triple Bill

Our resident Daniel AKA Lost Worlds will open the evening for the fourth instalment of The Odd Gig this Sunday 27 August. Listen to his gorgeous ambient warm up from last time here. Next, Wilted Woman, whose latest release was selected for Resident Advisor’s Best New Music column, and was described by The Wire as “music made to realign and confuse body and mind”. An electronic musician and multi-instrumentalist, Wilted Woman has had releases on She ()

Das Tier am Wasserloch
spielt das Sommerloch

This Friday night our very own Volker – AKA DJ Clownsound – will perform in the lobby with his new band, Das Tier am Wasserloch.  Since late 2016, the band has been experimenting with an avant-garde melange of new wave and electro-pop elements which come together in a SpaceRockKraut fusion. The motifs and themes are transformed into a rambling playful safari and the listener is emerged in a continually pulsating ()


The turntables will be getting a good workout over the next days… covering the drinks in sound and fine vibrating the food. TONIGHT’s After Work is Before Sunset From 5pm, Hazy Pockets (Joel Isaac Black) makes his Michelberger debut. He’s told us to expect gentle psych balladry, brown-dirt-sludge, swamp-blues, kraut-mechanics, neon-throb, murder-guitars and extended-joke music… At 10pm in the lobby, one of our residents Trujillo, bringing his usual tropical action. SATURDAY’s Gathering  Taking care of the early shift, Roger ()


The first mixers in the clubs of New York and Chicago all had rotary faders. Modern digital versions instead had a slide fader, but in the past five years or so the trend is returning to the analog equipment of the past. One of our resident DJs Andres – AKA DJ Trujilo – heard about a father and son duo manufacturer in Barcelona called Can Electric, who make hand-wired musical equipment. Their mixers, called ()

Thank you
to The Havels…

…for that beautiful and intimate performance. It’s always a treat to watch and listen to musicians who work together the way these two do.


Irena and Vojtech Havlovi were with us in Berlin last autumn for Michelberger Music. These gentle and sensitive musicians will be back at the hotel next week and will perform in our lobby on Friday 30 June. Working together as The Havels, this couple say very few words, but communicate expressively through their music. Bryce Dessner said this about them: “In the late 1980’s my sister Jessica heard two Czech ()