Eatüber Delivering the goods!

Fountain of Youth News

Recently we met a new friend named Chanyu. She is the heart behind EATÜBER, a food delivery startup focused on bringing healthy tasty food directly to the people of Berlin.  In speaking to her, one soon realizes what a tall order this represents – delivering healthy, handmade, straight from the oven food that is also tasty!

The menu has many highlights for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. The chocolate cake is made without butter or flour and scrumptious! Yet it’s their Burger that could very well revolutionize Berlin’s delivery scene…

ÜBER Burger

For sure it’s made fresh, and of course it comes with all the fixings, however what sets it even further apart is you will receive it piping hot at your door WITHOUT a soggy bun! Exactly. No more frozen patty Burger delivered on a mushy bun. How do they do it? Special attention given to packaging each and every selection with tender foody loving care! The same goes for every other item on the menu, including the salmon dishes : )

EATÜBER is everything that embodies Berlin’s startup scene. Therefore we took the initiative to give our further support by offering some Fountain of Youth coconut water with every order in the month of March!

Enjoy : )