Copenhagen Street Food

Food Fountain of Youth

This Friday 2nd May, we’re very excited to have a stand at the grand opening of Copenhagen Street Food to introduce our Fountain Of Youth to all the vikings there. Copenhagen Street Food is the baby of our dear friends Dan Husted, his wife Natasha, his friend Ruben and probably some other people we don’t know yet and after many months of hard work they finally had the soft opening last week. The large hall is full of wagons and and shipping containers and as you see, they’ve got a wonderful location right on the water. And Thor says Friday is gonna be sunny!

Here are also some nice photos of the soft opening from AOK.

mh-blog-cph-street-food-01 mh-blog-cph-street-food-02 mh-blog-cph-street-food-04 mh-blog-cph-street-food-03 mh-blog-cph-street-food-05 mh-blog-cph-street-food-07