Booze Tour 2017

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Last Monday night a new generation of Michelbergers learned of the wonders of the Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur. Tucked away in an unassuming building in Wedding, this magical place is where our Michelberger Booze comes from.

A few years ago we came across a couple of recipes in the back of a dusty old book. Together with Gerald and The Professor, we took those recipes and spent the better part of a year busily working away, blending, refining and tasting – the result was the Michelberger Forest and Michelberger Mountain. A Kräuterlikor and a Kräuterschnaps, they’re made totally naturally, full of obscure herbs and rare roots.

The Manufaktur was founded in 1874 by the Prussian Government in response to grain overproduction. The Professor and Gerald took over the PSM at the start of this century and revived the Adler gin and vodka labels (which are the house pours in our bar). Now the Manufaktur is the last of its kind in Berlin.

On our tour last week Gerald told us all about nosing and tasting and the amazing abilities of human sensory perception. We also learnt about the different production methods they use; The Forest is a herbal liquor and is made by the maceration of the botanicals, whereas the Mountain is a distilled spirit or schnapps.

Both the Forest and the Mountain can be enjoyed on their own, or when they take the starring role in a cocktail or long drink. Naturally, our bar team has come up with a few beverages to showcase these wonderful elixirs…

You can try the Forest – a soft, mellow and warming blend of gentian root, juniper, coriander, vanilla, angelica root, star anise, tonka bean, orris root, calamus, bee balm, cinnamon bark, clove and orange peel – in the Forbidden Forest or the Ford. Or taste the Mountain – a fresh and invigorating mix of anise, orris root, sage, fennel, bee balm, lemon peel, peppermint, cardamom, thyme, coriander, caraway and juniper – in the Overlook or the Hot Mountain Punch.

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