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At the Bar Convention Berlin this week, we presented our BOOK of BOOZE to all the Booze People of Europe. As we are just starting out in the big and established beverage world, we thought about a way to get our Fountain of Youth Coconut Water and our Michelberger Booze directly to anyone in Europe who would like to get a taste of the magic. Then we thought, why not also offer the products from our most trusted booze makers alongside.

So we teamed up with Gerald & The Professor from the Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur and Theo from Steinreich to present ourselves as a team of manufacturers who also distribute their own drinks.

This is our way to take an independent first step into this new world. Where it will take us we don’t know yet, but for sure we now have the possibility to reach yours and our favourite cafes, hotels, bars and restaurants across Germany within 24 hours and anywhere in Europe within 2-3 days. From Cologne to Hinterdupfing to Vienna to Paris.

So far the book consists of: Adler Vodka, Adler Gin, Steinreich Korn, Michelberger 35%, Michelberger 45%, a selection of our favourite PSM liqueurs and the Fountain of Youth.

If you own, run or work in a beverage establishment or if you would want to order it at your favourite spot, we would love to hear from you!
+49 30 6920 63910